Terms of Business

Terms of Business

1. Responsibility for Work
We are Chartered Surveyors. The practice is set up in accordance with Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. We are the only people who will be dealing with your matter and we will be handling your matter exclusively. We do have secretaries who will assist in the correspondence, adminstartion and all round assistance. 

2. Office Hours
The office hours are 9.00 – 5.30 Monday to Friday each week (working outside these times may incur a small premium in emergency cases - we will always assist where possible). Outside those hours, the office has a voice mail facility i we are unable to answer. We accept correspondence by email and post.

3. Service Standards
Throughout your matter, we will endeavour to adhere to the following standards of service:-

• We will strive to keep you regularly informed of progress, either by phone, letter or email. You are, of course, quite welcome to contact me at any time for a progress report.
• We will communicate in plain English and I will endeavour to explain any technical language I may use in any documentation or report.
• We will keep you informed about likely timescales.
• We will deal with your information strictly in accordance with my legal obligations under the Data Protection Act 1988 and subsequent legislation.
If, at any stage, you are dissatisfied with the conduct of your matter or you have any problems with the service we are providing, please tell me. We will endeavour to resolve any issue in a courteous and professional manner to ensure a satisfactory result. If the problem cannot be resolved, we do have a complaints procedure, a copy of which can be provided to you.

4. Costs
The charges for dealing with your matter will be quoted to you at the beginning of the exercise. However, we reserve the right to charge additional costs if there are unforeseen circumstances which, if they had been known at the time, would have affected the fixed fee you were given. If we do encounter any unforeseen problems or difficulties and we think the fixed fee will be exceeded, we will tell you as soon as we can. We will also tell you how long it will take to resolve the problem and how much more it is likely to cost.

5. Expenses
The fee quoted at the beginning of the exercise will include all expenses.

6. Billing
The invoice is normally submitted with any report or valuation advice. There may be circumstances where the invoice will follow shortly after, but no later than 28 days after the initial report.  In all matters, please bear in mind that our fees are calculated on the basis that my bill is paid within 28 days of being issued. 

If payment is not made within 28 days of being issued, we reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of 8%. If your account remains outstanding for more than 90 days we reserve the right to take the matter to the small claims court.
I do not make or accept payments in cash. All cheques should be made payable to Horler Surveying Services. I accept payment by BACS - details given on request. 

7. Storage of Papers and Documents
We will keep my file of papers for no less than six years. However, this is on the strict understanding that in agreeing to these Terms of Business, you are consenting for the file to be destroyed at any time thereafter.
We will not make a charge for retrieving stored papers or deeds in response to a request from you. However, we reserve the right to make a charge based on the time spent reading papers, writing letters or other work necessary to comply with your instructions.